Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where do you prepare the food?

A: Your food is prepared in the Nourish commercial kitchen, licensed through the Oregon Department of Agriculture. We are located at  62080 Dean Swift Rd. Suite 120, Bend Oregon 97701.

Q. Do you offer delivery

A. Yes! There is a fee depending on where we deliver and if we have to provide cold packaging for your order. Check out our Delivery & Pick Up Information.

Q. If I live outside of Central Oregon can my food be delivered?

A. We currently do not offer out of the area deliveries. Check where we deliver: Delivery & Pick Up Information.

Q. What if I have a specific meal program that I need to follow? Can you prepare that?

A. We will work with a client to accommodate the best possible way as long as the menu remains gluten and peanut free.

Q. What if I don't know the portions I should be eating but want to order?

A. Contact us and let us know let us know your goals in your comments. We will contact you with a list of preferred professionals in the area.

Q. Is the food seasoned?

A. We use a sodium-free seasoning to season meat, fish, and poultry. The food is otherwise “naked” or without sauce, salt, sugar or added fat. Depending on your goals, you may choose to add salt or sauce to your meals at home as you wish.

Q. Is there a minimum of meals per week that I have to order?

A.  No. Clients may only need a meal or two where others may want the entire week of food prepped for them. There are no minimums required.

Q. How many days of food can I order?

A. Your food will stay fresh for up to 7 days in the refrigerator. The containers can go into the freezer but we highly recommend ordering weekly and not freezing meals.

Q. Are the containers my food comes in, microwavable?

A. Yes, they are BPA free microwavable, disposable, dishwasher safe and you can freeze them. They have airtight snap on lids that keep the food fresh.

Q. Can I reuse my food containers the next time I order food?

A. Because we are a gluten-free kitchen and licensed with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, we cannot reuse food containers once they have left the premises. The containers can be recycled with your local recycling company or you can reuse them in your own kitchen.

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